Airtight coatings

10 years of experience in the manufacturing and application of technical coatings.

One minute to calculate the budget to make your house or building airtight. Cost of product or applied with airtight building guarantee.


BLOWERPROOF LIQUID BRUSH airtight coating is a paint-on coating that is applied with a flat paintbrush. This product is suited for the parmanent airtightness of all building connections. With this one product, you reach a passive...
BLOWERPROOF LIQUID is an airtight coating which is sprayed with an airless paintspray machine. This product is mainly recommended on large projects. Blowerproof Liquid is BBA approved. Packaging: pails 10 kg ; pallet: 44 x 10 kg...


BLOWERPROOF is uitermate geschikt voor het dichten van luchtlekken onderaan de muurvoet. Daar waar de pleisterlaag stopt (boven de waterkering) tot aan de betonplaat verzekert BLOWERPROOF een perfect...

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Gentbrugge - Belgium - 2015
Heusden Zolder - Belgium - 2012


BLOWERPROOF LIQUID  and BLOWERPROOF LIQUID BRUSH coatings are thoroughly tested and have been approved by BBA, Exova, and the BBRI. We have experiences with Blowerproof coatings for the airtightness of buildings on projects troughout Europe since 2012. We are available for more information and specific advice by phone or a meeting in your office or on the jobsite.