Low energy housing development - Den Draad

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Low energy housing development - Den Draad

Gentbrugge - Belgium - 2015

Airtightness works realised by:

Hevadex Applications bvba


Blowerproof coating was applied on all the building connections of the living units of this housing project: floor/wall connections, wall/ceiling connections, window connections. After these airtightness works were done and tested with an intermediate blowerdoortest, spray plaster was applied on the inside of the walls as finish. The floors were finished with insulation, sand cement screed and tiling. All houses of this project reached an airtightness level of n50 < 1. 
Used products: Blowerproof Liquid en Blowerproof Liquid Brush coatings.

Type of project:

Housing project

Owner - developer:




Head contractor:

Vandenbussche NV and Wyckaert NV